October 12 2022

To celebrate Black History Month (BHM) we’re sharing a series of colleague profiles from around our business, celebrating our diversity and learning from each other.

Today’s profile is Chris Cummings, Service Manager at Battersea Depot (pictured 2nd left)

How long have you worked at Abellio? 

5 years, I started in October 2017

Tell us what BHM means and represents to you.

To me, BHM represents Black Excellence!  The success and achievements of all those who came before you and paved the way and opened the door for black people all over the world to do whatever it is they want to do in life when there was once a time that we weren’t welcome.  

What inspires you?

What inspires me is proving wrong the people in life who have doubted me.  Seeing the accomplishments of many young black people who have overcome hurdles really makes me want to constantly improve myself. 

Who inspires you?  Is there a historical or recent figure that you would like more people to know about?

Malcolm X. In a time where Black People weren’t accepted in society he stood up and fought for us, not as a political leader but as a black man first and foremost. He went on to encourage other Black people to stand up for themselves against oppression and police brutality and protect those in the local communities who couldn’t protect themselves.

What message have you got for young black men and women?

The most powerful weapon on earth is knowledge! Knowledge of who you are as a black person, where your ancestors come from and what struggles they have overcome. You have a God given talent in your DNA so don’t let anybody make you feel like you have to dim your light because it makes others uncomfortable.

Can you share a book, poem or film by a black author or filmmaker that you would recommend?

A film called “The Red Tails”. Created in 2012 by Director Anthony Hemingway