November 07 2023

Abellio is excited to have partnered with Blink, an innovative tech business, to support our frontline operators and drivers. As an inclusive employer, Abellio is keen to close the digital divide for frontline employees and ensure that all teams are able to engage with the business effectively, flexibly and inclusively.

Drivers have traditionally had to fill out forms, complete manual processes or sign in to a number of different platforms due to the nature of their jobs. Thanks to Abellio’s investment in Blink, this will now be a thing of the past. The Blink app provides seamless, access to external applications from a mobile phone. Drivers only need to sign into Blink once via secure Single Sign On in order to gain access to all the key systems and information they need for their roles, including the driver allocation system (DAS); payslips; and company updates and information that have traditionally been shared by depot notice boards, social media groups or via line managers. 

The Blink team visited our six London depots to launch the app and in just 5 days 78% of people at Abellio were using Blink. 

Lorna Murphy, Operations and HR Director at Abellio said:

“Abellio actively champions inclusivity, as a business that employs 43 different nationalities,  we have always prided ourselves on our inclusive culture. Differences are very much valued, and our company's success depends on it.  We needed an inclusive and simple way to bring our teams together and wanted to offer greater access to information and process for our frontline drivers.

Blink fosters inclusiveness because everyone in the organisation has a mobile phone, meaning they can log in and access everything they need from wherever they are. It enables two-way conversations and brings connectivity to everyone in the business.”


More about Blink here


Abellio Team member using the Blink app

Abellio team members alongside a Blink team member