May 31 2023

Abellio London is incredibly proud to provide a growing fleet of fully-EV buses for our customers and Transport for London. Creating cleaner and greener streets is a vision that we support throughout our business, and our amazing people are at the heart of this vision. 

At our six depots, our teams make a difference to the environment and sustainability every single day.  From enabling EV buses to transport customers, to growing our electric infrastructure, and being active supporters of new energy saving technologies across our London depots. It is their support and passion that is driving positive change forward.

Earth Day 2023 was marked across our depots in a number of ways, including a competition to design a poster on the theme of sustainability. There were a large number of high quality entrants, showing just what an important subject this is. Our teams were encouraged to get their families involved to come up with a strong message about the environment.

We are delighted to announce the winners for 2023 are:

Peter Pagan, Service Manager, and his daughter Alice who created a gorgeous illustration of the Earth. 


Michael Speller, Driver, and his granddaughter Lily who shared an incredibly strong message.

Congratulations to our winners for creating such outstanding images with an important message, and thank you to our teams for all their work to make London a cleaner and greener place for us all.


Earth day image of the earth with daffodils
Earth day winning entry by Peter and Alice Pagan

Earth day poster with image of the earth saying look after this world
Winning entry by Michael and Lily Speller