July 11 2019

Abellio London Bus, one of London’s most innovative public transport companies, has become the first bus operator to adopt new fingerprint based drug testing technology to support the health and safety of its employees and customers. Abellio operates day and night bus services across London, and will use the portable Intelligent Fingerprinting drug screening system to support random test. Alcohol testing will also take place at the same time.

“At Abellio we’re focused on providing better quality, safer and more convenient transport services for our clients and customers, and we see workplace drug & alcohol testing as an important part of our commitment to ensure a safe service. We found that our existing urine-based drug test was both inconvenient and slow, preventing us from achieving the test coverage we required,” commented Lorna Murphy, Operations Director at Abellio.

“The Intelligent Fingerprinting system directly addresses these issues for Abellio, making the drug screening process much easier, less intrusive for our staff, and also allowing us to test a lot more of our employees, significantly improving our risk management processes. Following union consultation and approval of the Intelligent Fingerprinting system, we’ve now adopted it enhance our drug & alcohol testing approach and have incorporated the process into our drug & alcohol policy.”