October 10 2022

To celebrate Black History Month (BHM) we’re sharing a series of colleague profiles from around our business, celebrating our diversity and learning from each other.

Today’s profile is Sajaleiu Barrie, Driver, Lead Driver & Relief Administrator at Walworth Depot

How long have you worked at Abellio? 

17 years and I wish to be here until I retire

Tell us what BHM means and represents to you.

BHM encourages me to recognise my past and evaluate my present and plan for the future.  It galvanises me and serves as a reminder of the tremendous work we have to continue to do all year long towards eradicating social injustice.

What inspires you?

My ambition and challenging myself to learn new things and better myself.

Who inspires you?  Is there a historical or recent figure that you would like more people to know about?

Muhammad Ali, the boxer, and the way he refused to join the US Military to fight in Vietnam.

What message have you got for young black men and women?

My message to everyone, no matter what colour or race you are, is to follow your ambitions and don’t ever doubt yourself.

Can you share a book, poem or film by a black author or filmmaker that you would recommend?

One of my favourite books by a black author is “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe.