October 11 2022

To celebrate Black History Month (BHM) we’re sharing a series of colleague profiles from around our business, celebrating our diversity and learning from each other.

Today’s profile is Jason Ward, Driver Manager at Battersea Depot

How long have you worked at Abellio? 

8 years, at both Beddington and Battersea depots

Tell us what BHM means and represents to you.

The celebration and exposure of black culture, whether it be fashion, food, films, music or just everyday life.

What inspires you?

Working with like-minded individuals

Who inspires you?  Is there a historical or recent figure that you would like more people to know about?

Quincy Jones.  He is an American record producer, musician, film and television producer.  My favourite body of work would have to be Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – he produced that album!

What message have you got for young black men and women?

Use your own intuition – you are tomorrow

Can you share a book, poem or film by a black author or filmmaker that you would recommend?

A book titled “Face” by Benjamin Zephaniah.  It’s the best book I’ve ever read, so powerful and I’d definitely recommend it.