March 30 2019

Abellio London wins the award for Most Innovative Transport Project at the 2019 London Transport Awards, which were held in March 2019.

Abellio worked with TfL and Mobileye to install 10% of it fleet with the Mobileye DriveCam system. The trial was funded by TfL as part of their innovation fund, with the buses being fitted in autumn 2017. 

The project ran for six month and delivered excellent results in reducing the level of incidents and on board injuries. 

As a result of the trial, Abellio London will now fit the remainder of its fleet with the system to further improve the safety for passengers. 

In total 66 buses were installed with the system and the buses ran on three routes from Abellio's Battersea depot in Central London. The three routes were all double deck services

The Mobileye device is a proximity sensor fitted to the front windscreen which provides alerts to the bus driver if it predicts the vehicle is getting too close to another vehicle or if it senses vulnerable road users.